Tuesday, May 13, 2008

what the heck is laminin?

The first few minutes are the end of a sermon. But the whole thing is worth watching. Giglio talks really loudly so be aware!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Steph did it ... so me too :)

i am: so wiped out from my weekend.
i think: I am ready for the end of school.
i know: Jesus is Lord.
i want: my apartment complex to release me from my lease!
i have: a fat rasberry on my butt.
i wish: for my economy stimulus check to get here!
i hate: the word hate.
i miss: my friends who don't live in CST.
i fear: the future.
i feel: the winds of change a'comin.
i hear: the fan going, the computer buzzing, the click clack of the computer keys and Chris sending me a message.
i smell: the mixture of stink from softball tonight and clean from washing up.
i crave: an abundance of sleep which I won't get because tomorrow is Tuesday.
i search: on Google, mostly.
i wonder: what God has in store for me to figure out about Him.
i regret: not trying harder in college.
i love: laughing.
i ache: from little sleep and diving and sliding tonight at Veteran's (stoopid!!).
i care: about my students.
i always: strive to do my best, even when I don't want to be there.
i am not: ready for all of this.
i believe: in a thing called love.
i dance: when I'm hyper or super excited.
i sing: all the time.
i don’t always: pray.
i fight: for my kids.
i write: a lot of emails.
i win: because Jesus already did!
i lose: weight when I try.
i never: put my clothes away immediately (i'm trying!).
i confuse: religion with relationship. (mm that's a good one, Steph. I'm keepin it)
i listen: and try to remember what they say.
i can usually be found: with others.
i am scared: of the dark.
i need: to know when.
i am happy about: my current relationship situation.

Fun stuff! Now it's your turn!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

first day jitters?

we opened the new sanctuary today. we had our first worship service there.

but today is palm sunday.

palm sunday was and is a celebration of jesus entering the city. Hosanna in the highest! we are supposed to celebrate jesus.

today did not feel like this to me. i mean, it is a big deal that we opened the new sanctuary, but i felt like a stranger in my own land. so weird.

why am i troubled by this? i can't figure it out. the best way i can describe it is how i just told my mom a few minutes ago.. i didn't feel like i was at my church - being in that sanctuary didn't feel like being at my church. that's probably a first for me. its kind of scary and troubling.

mom said that it will probably take a little while for us to get used to the new sanctuary. but why should it? why can't it feel like home immediately? when a person is in the presence of the Lord, they should feel comfortable, at home, and at the same time, disturbed.

i am conflicted. i hope it settles.

Friday, March 14, 2008

random thoughts for a friday night

i've never been drunk, but there are moments & times when i think i really want to be. or at least want to drink enough to forget my worries.. sounds like a country western song.

vacations are the bomb dot com. i want to make enough money (or save enough money) every year so i can spend sufficient time away from my day to day life and travel a little bit - even if it's just for a conference or just across texas.

i am so grumpy right now and so badly do not want to go to soccer practice in the morning (yes, saturday morning) why do i want so badly for soccer season to be over? i think i am worn out. every time i look at my date book, i get a little stressed out. (see random thought #1)

ugh i think i need time with my girls. isn't it interesting how women live in community? (not that this is a new thought or fact) we so strive and yearn for relationships with others & so need friendship and companionship with other females. i think i lack most there (at least right now in the grand scheme of life). i spend the majority of my time (so far this semester) at work, at soccer (i work with two men and a bunch of highschool girls) and with chris. i've gotta plan some girl time before march is over or i might go crazy.

i told you it was going to be random, didn't i?

a joke before i go -

What did the man say to the houses that were on top of him?

"get off me, homes"
all my love -